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>> Competition: Clay tile is relatively resistant to wind because of its massive weight. Concrete Shake manufacturers offer no wind warranty on their products. Typical Asphalt can average anywhere from 0-120 MPH depending on brand.

>> MATTERHORN: Every Matterhorn Metal Roof has been independently laboratory tested to withstand winds up to 130 MPH, which is equivalent to an F2 tornado. Wind Uplift tested to UL 1897.



>> Competition: Tile and Concrete Tile can break from freeze/thaw and from the sheer weight of snow.

>> MATTERHORN: All Matterhorn Metal Roofs were purposefully designed to withstand the harshest winter climates.



>> Competition: Over time, Tile roofs become brittle and easily susceptible to hail damage. Concrete Tile also exhibits cracks and breaks during severe hail storms. Asphalt hail ratings vary greatly between manufacturers.

>> MATTERHORN: Even severe, wind-driven hail is no match for our Class 4 rated Matterhorn Metal Roofs. Class 4 Hail Rating tested to FM4470.



>> Competition: Tile and Concrete Tile roofs can warp during a fire or collapse from weight. Asphalt fire ratings vary from good to excellent depending on the manufacturer.

>> MATTERHORN: All Matterhorn panels hold the highest fire rating available: a Class A Fire Rating. Fire Resistance tested to ASTM E108.