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preshakeShake was originally hand hewn wood, created by splitting thin individual rectangles from a log.  In the Americas, wood roofing was common from the early days of the colonies due to the abundance of suitable forest.  Wood shingles were usually split from the most appropriate wood that was regionally available, such as cypress, cedar, pine, redwood, or oak.

download-brochure-shakeTraditionally, wood shake has been available in a wide variety of colors, from a natural silver grey or brown to even reddish, yellow, brown, brown-green, and grey due to pigments added when the wood shingles were coated to preserve them. Today, the natural beauty of wood shingles has gone one better.  Authentically crafted, and rendered in steel, Matterhorn Shake brings the warm and natural wood shingle look to your home.

Matterhorn Metal Roofing Shake: Light-weight, fully recyclable, and energy efficient material. With colors designed to create the natural hues of wood shingles, Matterhorn Metal Shake Roofing adds a warm and natural, custom crafted appearance, and brings the exterior to life.


Weathered Wood
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Timber Ash
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An enduring Shake style metal roof is also the sustainable choice. Whereas asphalt shingles end their usefulness in a landfill, a metal roof can be salvaged and put to new use. With its recycled content, long life, and 100% recyclability, Shake style metal roofing contributes to the health of our green planet.