Essential Tool List for Making a Roof

The materials needed to make a roof are wide and varied, but there are many tools that you will need to complete the job. This article is meant to be an overview of the essential tools for making roofs. We’ll talk about basic hand tools as well as some more sophisticated power tools.


The hammer is one of the most important roofing hammers because it’s used for driving nails into wood rafters/trimmers or sheathing boards. It can also be used for cutting through sheet metal, plastic or other material with its claw end if necessary.

Speed Square

The speed square is a tool made out of aluminum or steel, which has measurement markings on one side and usually several common angles on the other (15, 30 and 45 degrees). It can also serve as a guide for making straight cuts with your circular saw.

Tape measure

The tape measure is a critical tool for any kind of construction work. If you are building smaller projects, such as sheds or small garden structures, it’s possible to get away with using only the 25-foot tape, but if you’re working on anything larger than that (such as an addition), then having at least one 50 foot tape measure on hand is a good idea.

Roofing shears

These are specially designed scissors that can cut through roofing materials like shingles, asphalt and fiberglass roofing panels.


A chisel is a tool that has a beveled edge which can be used to pry off old roofing tiles from a roof, cut through shingles or remove flashing.

Hammer drill

A hammer drill is a power tool that can be used for drilling holes in brick and concrete surfaces by using an impact action on the end of the bit to break up any material which you’re trying to get into. It’s very useful when adding extra supports to a roof or fixing eaves troughs.

Circular saw

A circular saw is a power tool that can be used for making straight cuts in wood, plastic and other materials. It has a thin, sharp blade that spins quickly on an axis, allowing it to cut through thicker material than a hand saw can.


A jigsaw is a power tool that can be used for making curved cuts in wood, plastic and other materials. It has a thin, sharp blade that oscillates up and down to allow it to cut through material that is thicker than a standard hand saw.

Nail Gun

A nail gun is a power tool that uses compressed air to fire nails into pieces of wood. This allows you to complete roofing projects quickly since it speeds up the nailing process.

Roofing Nail

A roofing nail is a large, heavy duty metal nail that’s used for securing shingle tiles down onto roofs. It has two very sharp points at one end which are driven through the shingle and into the roof’s sheathing, a thick layer of wood that supports the weight of your roof.

Roofing Hammer

A roofing hammer is very similar to a regular claw hammer except it has an extra head which can be used for pulling nails out from roofs after you’ve completed nailing them down. This way, you don’t need to carry around a bunch of nails with you while working on your roofing project.

Pry Bar

A pry bar is similar to a claw hammer but it has two flat ends, each of which can be used for removing old pieces of wood from roofs by using leverage and force against them. It can also help in prying off shingles or flashing.

Safety Glasses

It’s always a good idea to wear safety glasses when working with power tools or doing any kind of construction work, as there is always the chance of something flying up and hitting you in the face.

These are just some of the essential tools that you’ll need for making a roof. By having them all on hand, you’ll be able to complete your project quickly and safely.