9 Tips for Keeping Your Furry Friend at Home Safe

There are many benefits to having a dog, but the downside is that they need to be taken care of. This includes feeding them and making sure they have water, exercise and plenty of love. But what about when you aren’t home? Here we will provide 10 tips for keeping your furry friend at home safe so you can enjoy all the benefits owning a pup has to offer! Give them a sturdy dog house.

1. Build a fence around your yard.

2. Leave them with enough food and water to last the day.

3. Make sure there is nothing they can get into that will make them sick or harm themselves in any way.

4. Be aware of dangers like cars, chemicals, police sirens etc…  and keep their environment safe for them!

5. Leave a radio playing so they aren’t bored and lonely.

6. Give them toys to play with while you’re gone!  This will keep them busy, less likely to chew on things that shouldn’t be chewed upon and limit the risk of separation anxiety.

7. Put your contact information right by the door so if someone comes over looking for you they’ll know how to reach you.

8. Make sure your pet is licensed and up-to-date on their vaccinations so if something should happen to them there will be no issues!

9. Let friends or family who live nearby know when and where you’re going out of town so they can check in. If possible, send pictures of your dog, their surroundings and the date you will be back.

In conclusion, there are many things you can do to keep your pet safe and happy when you’re not around.

What is the Best Roof For Dog Houses?

The right roof will last longer. It will be more durable, so it will last through all kinds of weather. It will provide a shelter from the sun or the rain. It is an important consideration when you’re choosing your dog house because you want it to be a long lasting, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable dog house.

A dog house has to be durable because dogs are exposed to outdoor elements such as sun, rain and wind constantly. A heavy rain can cause dents in wood or metal, and deplete the structural integrity over time. If the roof is not long lasting, the structure won’t last long enough to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Your dog will eventually get sick of the house being leaky and will run away to the woods to find a better place to live.

A long lasting durable house will also be aesthetically pleasing to your dog. They don’t have the same concerns as we humans do with looks. Dogs don’t care how pretty or how rich a house looks. They just want a place where they can call their own. A house that is aesthetically pleasing and durable will attract more dogs.

A low maintenance and long lasting dog house is not expensive at all. It’s not a good idea to buy the cheapest dog house you can find. A good, stable, solid, and long lasting dog house is worth its weight in gold.

A good long lasting durable dog house is not expensive at all. It will last a long time, and will be a lot less expensive than a house that will need to be replaced often, and has lots of repairs and maintenance.